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Position: Sales & Operations Executive

We do events. Meticulously organised events. Always in the shadows, we are in control of even the minutest of details without being seen. Events come in all shapes and sizes. From intimate small incentives, to massively complex conferences and exhibitions, and we love them all. If this stirs the (events) ninja spirit within, then we would love to hear from you. 

We are looking for a passionate Sales and Operations Executive who loves selling and organising events as much as we do. Reach out by sending us an email along with your CV to . 


Receive and respond to group requests. Hosting clients during site inspection visits to Malta prior to event. 

Coordinate and organise conference and incentive groups from confirmation stage to completion. Working closely with team members during the organisation, and actual operation of the event. 

Maintain a portfolio of accounts whilst ensuring all the clients’ requirements are being met.  


Experience / Skills 

Who you are

Organised: The most important ability for this post is to be extremely organised. The type of person that is constantly creating “To Do Lists” even in your personal life and follows these lists religiously. 

Multi-tasker: Due to the nature of the job, you will be switching from one project to another and therefore need to be able to quickly swap from creating a proposal for a prospective client to responding to a client requesting a final invoice for a recently closed event. 

Laser Focused: Some might think this is the opposite of multi-tasking, however it is not. You need to be able to switch from one task to another with laser focus efficiency to ensure that mistakes are kept at a minimal.  

Excellent time management: The ideal candidate needs to understand and appreciate the art of time management. He or she needs to be able to identify the urgency of certain tasks and consequently guide colleagues, suppliers or clients as well as anticipate the consequences of not sticking to deadlines. 

Problem Solver: The first thing we do here is tattoo Murphy’s law on our forearms so that we are reminded of this famous adage – Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Ideally all possible problems are anticipated before they are realised, however sometimes this is impossible. Being able to think on your feet and come up with solutions is essential. 

Logical: A characteristic that seems to be going extinct in this day and age, the ideal candidate should possess a strong sense of logic and is able to use this in anything he or she does at work.  

A People’s Person: The industry is all about relationships with both clients and suppliers. Manage your relationships well and everything will be much easier.  

Great Communicator: Communication is essential. You need to be able to accurately assimilate what clients are asking for, relay this information to the relevant stakeholders and clearly report back to the clients with the replies they require. 

Creative: Sometimes one original touch in a program is enough to win a project when in competition with other agencies. Continually managing to come up with creative and different ways of looking at things will give you a competitive advantage over our competitors. This is a highly valued skill to have. 

Ready to get your hands dirty: An ongoing joke at MI Malta is that our CV is twenty pages long and with each event we add another skill. This could be anything from sourcing out a luxury high performance car for a VIP client,  to pulling up our sleeves and cleaning up trash from a venue because some supplier couldn’t care less.     

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